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I develop websites for individuals & small companies, shoot personal branding photographs, develop SEO and digital marketing strategies. Sometimes I engage in an implementation project to deliver on the developed strategy.  I am a strong believer in supporting businesses to .


Website Development

Every business deserves the opportunity to present itself beautifully online. It has never been more affordable to get the exact look and functionality you are looking for in a website. Start by requesting a free consultation call to discuss your vision and goals for a web presence.

SEO Strategy

The SEO game is one of ever-changing rules.  Much like American football to a foreigner, there are so many details to grasp, but once you are hooked on the game, it’s impossible to give up. An audit of your current SEO can be a worthwhile nest step with recommendations provide with your end goals in mind.


Digital Marketing Strategy

 Schedule a free consultation call to discuss the goals and vision you have for your business. Let me guide you to tie it all together into an actionable marketing strategy and tactics.  

Strategy Implementation

Sometimes a vision is bigger than the hours of the day you have available to get everything done. Simply delegate any or all parts of the implementation process to me for a reliable and trusted workflow.



Branding Photography

Getting photography to reflect your brand well on your new website, can sometimes be a challenge. We can schedule a consultation prior to a photo session to capture all of your platform requirements – web and social.

Technical Support

There are whole days and even weeks that can be swallowed up by  trifling details. It might not require a full-time assistant, but can certainly grow into a project full of ‘tweaks’ you would like to see on your site.  I offer a convenient hourly rate for technical support that can help you avoid stalling on projects. 

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