Half Day Design Intensive

Book one or several half-days of my services to complete your smaller project* or a punch-list of design tasks.

*think of all those ideas that got added to a Post-It note but have not launched, still.  This is your opportunity to ship them fast.

get the project done

By popular demand, I am adding an option for you to book my services at half day increments at a simple flat rate.   There are projects that don’t require several weeks to launch, there is a list of assets you need to create to finally launch that campaign, and a summit that you have in mind for the past 12 months, but need somebody to design for you, so you can focus on the speakers and sponsor.  This could be a great opportunity to hire one day in my schedule to finalize the assets and get a fast start to your new idea. 

Sample projects that
can be done in one intensive:

– a website refresh – updating the look and tune up the design to incorporate current trends

– design and automate a new landing page

– creating a home for your online course – carrying your current branding into the landing page design and worksheets for your course

– designing a funnel for your new offer

– creating social media videos and graphics for your new blogs and a schedule for the upcoming month

– repurpose your podcast series into a set of articles and social media posts

4 hours of full focus on your project

Four hours of complete focus on the tasks we set out for the day.  We will have discussed the details on our call ahead of time and this time is “Go” time.  The only requirement is to be able to reach you to confirm design decisions and to sign off – accept the project pieces, as they get completed.  When the intensive is done, you will receive your deliverables in your inbox – complete with any required login/download information.

how do i get on your calendar exactly?

Consider the scope of work that you would like to get done.  Check my calendar to find a day that would fit you best.  You are looking for a day that you can be available for messages that call for your decisions as soon as possible.

It does not mean you have to cancel all plans, just be aware that your attention will be required. There will not be any one-on-one video calls, just focused work on your project.

Book a half day in my schedule that would work best for you.  Please allow yourself time to provide the necessary information for me to complete the project.  Most clients give themselves 10-14 days ahead of the scheduled Design Day.  When you are booking the day, a full deposit is required to secure the day. 

I will follow up to set a Strategy Call for us to go over the game plan for the Design Day.  I will request that you provide all the information necessary no later than 1 business day before Design Day.  (e.g., if we start on Monday, I will need to have everything submitted no later than Thursday of the previous week.)

This is THE day! I will start my day early and you get to be the Big Boss – making decisions, as they come in your messages. 
At the end of the day you will have an email in your inbox with a link to a folder with all of the deliverables. 
You also have 30 days for any questions about your deliverables.   

How would it feel to finally push the button and launch the online course that you’ve been putting off for months?

Would you feel more energized if you knew that all the videos and graphics are there for your blog and social media for the next month?

If you find yourself procrastinating on a project, this opportunity might be the best decision for you. 

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