Most of the services that we focus on are listed below.  This list does not include custom solutions that may be added for a comprehensive product that may be requested.  Let’s talk!


Web Development

Every business deserves the opportunity to present itself beautifully online. It has never been more affordable to get the exact look and functionality you are looking for in a website. Start by requesting a free consultation call to discuss your vision and goals for a web presence.

Online Course Development

Allow me to support your vision of an online course or a membership site that best serves your audience.  Let me guide you through the choices of course and membership platforms.  Any platform you use would require decisions on domain mapping, mailing list integration, branding, modules setup – all included in my service packages. 

Technical Support

Some examples of support include: starting a WordPress site for you if you are building one yourself;  monthly maintenance tasks of maintaining a site that I build for you; a call for us to troubleshoot a change you are working on the site.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Schedule a free consultation call to discuss the goals and vision you have for your business. Let me guide you to tie it all together into an actionable marketing strategy and tactics.  

Sometimes a vision is bigger than the hours of the day you have available to get everything done. Simply delegate any or all parts of the implementation process to me for a reliable and trusted workflow.

I’m ready when you are! Let me know your specific scope of work and I will respond with a customized proposal. 

Service Resources

Here are some resources that I recommend when clients need an in-house solution and they don’t want to mess with Photoshop and bulky systems.


A great tool to have if you need a quick copy change or a quick design piece for social media.  Stencil is an easy-to-use graphic design tool for bloggers, business owners, and social media marketers.  


A fantastic hosting solution to get started.  Their customer service is very helpful and available round the clock, it seems.  SiteGround is my go-to right now for getting clients pointed to a reliable provider.

Project Management

Plutio has been my go-to project management tool.  The combination of features like invoicing and proposal management has moved this tool to the top of my list.


InVideo is a very easy-to-use software that works right in your Chrome.  They have great templates to get you started and cut time it takes to have a video worth sharing on social media.