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I offer these services to help take the maintenance tasks off your plate because you did not start your business to maintain your website, right?

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Just as a beautifully landscaped garden requires ongoing care to thrive, your website demands consistent maintenance after its launch to ensure it continues to perform at its best.

Think of your website as a digital garden; after the initial design and build—akin to planting your flowers and laying out your paths—it’s the regular nurturing that keeps it vibrant and inviting. From updating content to ensure freshness, to regular technical checkups for optimal performance, and security monitoring to keep the digital pests at bay, a well-maintained website grows your online presence and secures your place in the competitive market.

Let me tend to your website with the same diligence and expertise as a gardener tends to their blooms or an exterminator safeguards your home, ensuring that your digital domain flourishes and remains a step ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


A well-fitted maintenance plan is meant to serve your business and take away any friction of making your services and offers available to your audience.  


Once you reach out, we will set a time to discuss your specific needs.  If you choose to start the service, I will submit an invoice to help you sign up.  

Next Steps

You will be able to submit support request via form and schedule support calls from your personal dashboard. Yes, you can accumulate up to three months of support if you hit a busy season or just pause the subscription. 

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